Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kouda Entry_202: Coffee


201 - 01   02

201 - 03


201 - 04   05


Hey! Comic strip! Woot!

You guys probably notice something a bit different about the strip, kan?

Yea well, these were made using pen n paper, then scanned and photoshopped. My Wacom is still throwing tantrums. Mebbe Acer and Wacom don’t go along kot. Deng.


The pen/marker I’m using isn’t all that good, since it leaves blotches all over the paper. Sucks.

So, I’ll have to go look for a better pen one of these days.


You guys will have to put up with the smudgy drawings until then. Sorry. But, it beats not having any strips at all la kan~? XD




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