Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kouda Entry_169: Kyo's Back





OMG Sen learned a new death move while I was away!! Noooo!!!

Garr is still biting... Stupid grape...

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Kouda Entry_168: OMG an update!?

Geez, I haven't been blogging much this month.

Good news is, Kyo is up and running. The headaches are gone, and I'm feeling as healthy as ever (which isn't really all that healthy, but whatevs. Lol).

Bad news is, I'm staying at my sister's place at the moment. The place I'm renting is still extremely under-furnished. And there's a problem with the plumbing.

Oh, and lookie:


Yup, that's my "workspace". Ok, it's not really all that bad. Heck, it's pretty comfortable staying at my sister's place.

What makes it bad is the fact that I can't draw comic strips without a proper table. But, I'm sure I'll improvise sooner or later.

That's right, no comic strip this time. Quit your whining. XD


I promise I'll do my best get another strip done within this week. Sen and Garr must be dying of boredom by now. Lol.

Ah well, at least I get to see new sights ^_^.



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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kouda Entry_167: Where's Kyo?




Yea, my head's been feeling a bit weird. It's kinda hard to sit and draw for long extended periods of time when you're head's decompressing continuously.

I'm hoping I'd heal up by next week. The chills aren't all that pleasant.


Oh, went to the dentist yesterday, and something weird happened to me. I'll blog about it later, I guess. Freaked the hell out of me.





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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kouda Entry_166: I Give Up + Lost

Sorry guys. Haven't been feeling all too perky lately. So, it's kinda hard to draw up some comic strips.

Instead, I grabbed my pencil and scribbled away. It's been a while since I made some sketches, anyway. Was worried I might be getting rusty. And I think I am.


Kyo - I Gve Up (Smaller)


Lol straightforward title. Dunno lah. My enthusiasm's hitting an all-time low. The fact that I keep sitting in front of my PS2 / PS3 instead of blogging is a big assed proof.


Kyo - Lost (Smaller) 


Maybe I'm just having one of those drama moments when you just want to drop dead. I'd rather not use the "E" word. Nanti Azi marah. XD

I'm only posting this because it's been about 4 days since the last entry. Wouldn't want this blog turning into a rotting pile of HTML codes now.

Well, at least I got 2 sketches out of it. So, not a complete loss.


Seriously, no comic strip this time. Sorry.


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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kouda Entry_165: Christening!

I am sooooo glad that I finally get to type on my laptop after a 3-day computer-less trip. I am NEVER leaving my Dell again!!!

O gawd I missed the feel of the keyboard at the tip of my fingers.

I could've blogdrafted a few entries while on the road. But no~, Kyo had the brightest idea of leaving his Dell behind. Bodo. I'm sorry la, I think my brain stroke off when I was packing.

At any rate, been planning on drafting this entry for ages. So here goes:


I finally named that stupid centipede (and that deranged grape)~!!



Full name: Sen Theadore Pede. Wah liao eh. We'll call him Sen lah, for short. As in the Malaysian currency. Ahahaha~!!




It's a grape. I am not giving a piece of fruit a full name. Especially not one that keeps gnawing a chunk my head off in my sleep.




FAIL! Next up, let's try Sen!










That last panel was effing cliched. Lolz. Sen was supposed to pop up, but there wasn't enough space to fit his big assed self. XD






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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kouda Entry_164: The Tweeting Bandwagon

As some of you might notice, I added a new widget on the sidebar. Which means that Kyo has officially joined the Twitter bandwagon.

Well, not really lah. I just decided to use it as my blog's status update thingy. So you guys would know when I'm blogdrafting a new post, or when I'm out of ideas. Lol.





I'll mainly use the Twitter for blog updates and stuff. I'm not going to immerse myself into the Twittersphere.

Why? Because like most social sites, Twitter is bound to be replaced by a more advanced site. Like Friendster, Myspace and god knows what else.

So until I find a better way to post my simple updates, I'll stick with Twitter.


Oh, and there's a reasonable explanation why my Twitter nick is "Zalvert". I'll blog about it one of these days.

The sidebar's getting a bit messy. Too much junk in it. Lol.