Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kouda Entry_173: UiTM and H1N1








But seriously, why is everyone so perky and happy that they get to go balik kampung?

I was actually hesitant about going back. Because I don't wanna end up spreading the virus all over Kelantan.

But, apparently, I have to go back to fix my digicam (warranty is back in Kelantan), and grab some of my study notes. Oh well.


In my previous entry, I said my dad gave me reason to be pissed. That's because he's making me buy my train ticket manually. As in I have to go all the way to sentral to buy it, instead of buying it online.

But now, I've decided to go back by car. Less exposure to people, thus less probability of getting H1N1. I'm not spending 12+ hours in a sealed hollow metal tube with a bunch of god knows how many people. Hish.



Dunno when I'm going back yet. Still thinking it over.


Actually, I was planning on seeing someone during the one week holiday...




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Kouda Entry_172: Kyo is Emo

Have been feeling a lot of negative energy lately. I'd rather not disclose the reason, because it's kinda childish. Lol.

So I'll just draw a chibi and be done with it.



I'm blogdrafting another entry at the moment. This one is just my way of expressing the shitty-ness that I've been feeling for the past week.



O shit la, my dad just called, and he just contributed to my negative energy. >_>


Whatever, back to drafting that entry.


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kouda Entry_171: Kyo is not Blogging!?

Aaaghh!! It's been so hard to update lately! I keep getting interrupted whenever I try to sit down and draw some new comic strips.

And I think Sen isn't too happy about that...











I'm trying to juggle studying and blogging. And with my short attention span, it ain't all that easy y'all. XD. I wish I was dedicated like Miao.

I know I can just make a text-only blog entry, but I know you guys want strips kan~. Lol.


Plus, I've been getting these headaches for 3, 4 days straight. My theory is that it's due to my lack of sleep. My body is getting too manja la. Bankai.


Oh! My Digicam is dying!!! There's a problem with the autofocus! And now all I can get is this kind of image:



My relatively still new camera is already having problems~!! And I left the warranty back in Kelantan. O shytez~.


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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kouda Entry_170: Kyo is Flustered

I know, I know, I need to stop being so lazy and get back to blogging.


Even Shakir is telling me to get off my lazy ass and start drafting. I guess I got myself somewhat of a manager now. XD

I've already moved into my new flat~. And even though it's a bit under-furnished, at least I have this now:

Kyo's New Workspace

Yay~! A slightly better (and a whole lot messier) workspace~!


I got a new writing table 2, 3 days ago. But I still need to get things straighten up before I can start using it. So, for now, Kyo is sitting on the floor.

The new semester already started, by the way. And I'm all flustered and frustrated by all the scheduling and study plans.

And I can't even blogdraft in peace!! Every single time I start to draft an entry, something always comes up. Seriously! It's like the whole world is against me updating. And I am not using this as an excuse.


Oh, oh, I found out that an old friend of mine, Lokman is doing a degree here in UiTM Shah Alam! And he's staying in the flat above mine no less. Lol.


Haven't seen him since UiTM Sabah. Which is about 3 years. Seriously, the guy hasn't changed the slightest. Har har.


That's it for this entry. Now I have to go do the laundry, straighten up the room, do some revisions for my Gene Expression class, eat, finish up my registrations, buy some text books, pay the rent, plan my budget, and draft the next entry. To the batmobile!


My eyes feel heavy... >_>

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