Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kouda Entry_171: Kyo is not Blogging!?

Aaaghh!! It's been so hard to update lately! I keep getting interrupted whenever I try to sit down and draw some new comic strips.

And I think Sen isn't too happy about that...











I'm trying to juggle studying and blogging. And with my short attention span, it ain't all that easy y'all. XD. I wish I was dedicated like Miao.

I know I can just make a text-only blog entry, but I know you guys want strips kan~. Lol.


Plus, I've been getting these headaches for 3, 4 days straight. My theory is that it's due to my lack of sleep. My body is getting too manja la. Bankai.


Oh! My Digicam is dying!!! There's a problem with the autofocus! And now all I can get is this kind of image:



My relatively still new camera is already having problems~!! And I left the warranty back in Kelantan. O shytez~.


the end

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