Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kouda Entry_173: UiTM and H1N1








But seriously, why is everyone so perky and happy that they get to go balik kampung?

I was actually hesitant about going back. Because I don't wanna end up spreading the virus all over Kelantan.

But, apparently, I have to go back to fix my digicam (warranty is back in Kelantan), and grab some of my study notes. Oh well.


In my previous entry, I said my dad gave me reason to be pissed. That's because he's making me buy my train ticket manually. As in I have to go all the way to sentral to buy it, instead of buying it online.

But now, I've decided to go back by car. Less exposure to people, thus less probability of getting H1N1. I'm not spending 12+ hours in a sealed hollow metal tube with a bunch of god knows how many people. Hish.



Dunno when I'm going back yet. Still thinking it over.


Actually, I was planning on seeing someone during the one week holiday...




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