Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kouda Entry_174: CRASH!

O wow, it's been ages since I updated!!! And a lot of (not really lol) people have been telling me to blog about the accident that I was in about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks to a relatively boring C++ class I had this afternoon, I finally got the inspiration to draft an entry about it! Yayzandwootz!




If you've read my previous post, then you'd know that UiTM had an all-out (failed) H1N1 prevention strategy; giving the students a week off. If you haven't, you can read it by clicking here.


So, basically, I went back with my brother, Riz, in his Viva. The initial plan was to leave for Kota Bharu at about 3pm. But he got caught up in his work, and we ended up leaving at 9.30pm instead.

I know, 6 hours late. But meh, I wasn't the one driving, so I didn't make a fuss. Biasa la, Kyo yang tidak komplen terlebih banyak. Sikit2 suda. Lol.


And this is what went down:























The car actually rolled a few times. I'm not really sure, but it felt like it flipped at least 2 times. Beats any roller coaster ride, I'll tell ya that.




Seriously, it's amazing the windshield didn't shatter. If it did, god forbid where those shards might've gone. I definitely wouldn't want my face all embedded with pieces of glass. Gross... ~_~




The car is absolutely trashed. But me and my brother actually only got a few cuts and bruises.

Uh, actually Riz had a fractured rib. I guess it's because the car dropped on the driver's side. So, he got more out of the force than I did.


Kyo's had his first NEAR DEATH experience~! OMG!

"NEAR" lol.


Honestly, it did cross my mind. That pitch black nothingness that comes after you die... Dude, that made me grab on to dear life like a fat kid holding a candy cane.

I was surprised that Heaven / Hell never made it through my senses at the time. My brain jolted at the idea of that pitch black thing. I guess I'm just not ready to even think about those two just yet.

I was actually screaming in my head "DON'T DIE", instead of "I don't want to die". It's generally the same thing. But less pathetic la IMO. Kekeke.


Mom and Dad were strangely calm though. And by calm, I mean they didn't scream their heads off at us. Which is kool. Whew.


I actually asked myself after cleaning myself up;

"Would anyone even miss me if I actually died?"

"Would anyone even think of me after I'm gone for good?"


Shit...that's messed up...


THE next time, I'M driving END