Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kouda Entry_177:" A Fallen Promise"

Now I know what you're thinking; "stop posting artworks and do more comic strips!".

But too bad, my blog, my choice of time-wasting images. XD


Initially, I did plan on posting a strip. But I saw a sketch I did I while back (which I planned on coloring but never got to it), so I decided to work on it instead. Keke.


Fallen Promise (Raw) - smaller

Kyo + uber boring class = random sketch


And here's the end product. It's not the best, IMO. Could be a bit more detailed. But we all know how lazy Kyo gets when things get a bit challenging. Kekeke.

 Kyo - Fallen Promise (col) - smaller2

Full sized Image can be viewed by clicking the link below~:

< A Fallen Promise >


An "angel" dying before it could keep its promise. Each piece of metal is an oath, each drop of blood is a sin.

Did I mention that I fail at colors? I also fail at textures, btw. Lol.


Can't recall why I drew this one. Hmmm...its a mystery now...


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