Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kouda Entry_178: Give Me Soul

Title berabis feeling. Ahaha.

Well, it's the title for my new wallpaper, really. I didn't wanna use "heart" cuz it'd be too corny.

"Soul" is still corny, I know, but way less jiwang than "Heart", okeh. Now shuddup. Lol.


I was actually watching The Fray's "Heartless" music video. And it gave me an idea; It'd be hella kool to have custom doodles for a wallpaper.

But I thought a crumpled up "heart" wud be easier to do. Kyo kan malas. Ahar har har.

Heart Add - boxless
click for full-sized (bigass) image

First time making a wallpaper which incorporates an actual image of myself. Looks ok ka? Hmm... -_-...

My facial hair was all over the place, so I decided to avoid using my actual face. I've been skimping on my personal hygiene a little bit recently. XD. A little je la. I still bathed, so there.

But still, it adds to the mystery of the wallpaper. Bajet model la konon ni.

Yup, that's Kyo, wearing a jacket yang baru beli. Ekeke.


And since I already had the camera in my hands, I decided to take some extra shots. And this came up:

Heart Rid
click for full-sized image

Using old paper as artwork!? Kyo is going green! Recycle yo!!

That's it. Saja nak update blog. XD


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