Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kouda Entry_205: Sungai Tekala

Not really sure if I spelled the name of the place correctly.

Anyhow, here’s another video~!


Best viewed in HD. So, load it up on Youtube~. ^_^

Sungai Tekala (2010)

I was pretty surprised at 3:02. Didn’t think I could do a 360. I was expecting to land on my back. Lol.

It was just a little trip we took to celebrate our freedom. We only took a few videos, so it’s not much to work with. Hope it’s at least a little bit enjoyable for you guys to watch.

Hey, if you guys like it, leave a comment and tell me what you think. I might be compelled to make more in the future. XD



THEwe got retardedEND


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kouda Entry_204: Inside Joke

I know I tweeted that I won’t be blogging until after the exams are over. But this one was just asking for it.


This has nothing to do with me. :D


Just something random that happened between my friends on Facebook that I thought was hilarious.

CAUTION! LANGUAGE MAY BE INAPPROPRIATE (eceh, macam aku x pernah menyumpah je kat blog ni. Haha)

But seriously. Some of you may find the language a bit harsh. I apologize in advance.


Paper HRM
= an exam paper (Human Resource Management)
Goreng = Answering questions by writing some nonsensical BS.

FB - kong


THEplanning failEND


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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kouda Entry_203: Every Other Time

Was studying for an exam, and of course, I ended up getting ideas about a blog post. Haha.


Why does the video thumbnail always have to look so horrid?

Study Method:- Every other Time


Complete waste of time eh? Haha. But at least the song is enjoyable, i hope. ^_^

I know, I mispelled “scream” at 3:41. Too lazy to edit. Har har.


Oh, if you guys can’t watch the vid, try this link insted: This Link


THEevery otherEND


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kouda Entry_202: Coffee


201 - 01   02

201 - 03


201 - 04   05


Hey! Comic strip! Woot!

You guys probably notice something a bit different about the strip, kan?

Yea well, these were made using pen n paper, then scanned and photoshopped. My Wacom is still throwing tantrums. Mebbe Acer and Wacom don’t go along kot. Deng.


The pen/marker I’m using isn’t all that good, since it leaves blotches all over the paper. Sucks.

So, I’ll have to go look for a better pen one of these days.


You guys will have to put up with the smudgy drawings until then. Sorry. But, it beats not having any strips at all la kan~? XD




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