Friday, February 27, 2009

Kouda Entry_131: Wacom!!!



A graphic artist's most common reason to orgasm. XD

And I got this as a birthday present from Reza!!!!!


We all love Reza! Lol.

. . . Don't ask how he ended up rubbing my feet.


I think Reza was more excited about cracking open the package than me. Lol.

Gilbabi sleek ini benda. Kyaaaa~!!! XD

But as usual, my Dell Laptop got jealous and decided to be a bitch.


I swear to god, I wanted to ram my fist through the damn screen out of frustration. But then I'd have no laptop to abuse my new Wacom.

I think I'm gonna have to format this old piece of technology. Ugh...tedious...


Woot! All ready to go!

But there's a problem tho. The cursor was a bit jittery. Still trying to figure out how to fix that problem.

If anyone has a clue on how I can get rid of the shaking cursor, I'm all ears ^_^.

At any rate, best birthday gift EVAH!!

- ENDZ -

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kouda Entry_130: Home Alone

Here's the scoop;

Mom and dad went to KL to pay my siblings a visit.

So, Kyo is gonna have the big ol' house all to himself for the weekend. Ekekeke.



It's not like I've never been home alone before. Dude, I'm friggin 22 for godsakes.

The downside is that now that I'm a young adult, being home alone kinda loses its thrill.

I can already abuse the PS2 / PS3 as much as I want.

I can already stay up as late as I want.

I can already watch adult movies.

I can already have babies.

I can already have mindless, meaningless, kinky sex.






O_o ?

uh...the hell am I talking about?

It's a childhood habit. Try it.

Ah, nothing like downloading porn  youtube videos while watching anime.
Shounen Onmyouji sucks.

So, I was happily overloading our electric bill when it struck me:

I missed lunch.

And my stomach for bitchin for some attention.

Debating on what to eat.

Seriously, took me nearly an hour to figure out what I should get.

When I finally decided on what to have, I quickly got in the car, and floored it. XD.

A little sightseeing while driving?

One of the limited number of malls we got here.

I think I almost rammed my headlights into the car in front of me when I took this. Ekeke.


O deng, GIF files always end up so effin pixelated. But meh, gets the message through.

To avoid looking like a sad, pathetic tourist, I decided not to poke around and take pictures in the shop.

I know, I'm a wuss. Lol.

Oh, and wanna know why I love Kota Bharu?

Smooth sailing~

Which is why I always say, "Everything is 5 minutes away in KB".

I still don't get why there's always a friggin tree in front of a signboard.


I actually forgot to take a pic of my lunch/dinner.

By the time I actually thought of snapping pictures, my plate was squeaky clean. Lol.

But it was delish ^_^.


This has been another pointless blog entry by yours truly.



Monday, February 16, 2009

Kouda Entry_129: Bactec and Menyumpah


Aite, so for the next 2 weeks, I'll be assigned to the microbiology labs (or "Bactec",as the people at HUSM call it).

And dude, the first thing I saw was this:


Call me jakun, but I've never seen such a fancy bunsen burner with buttons and a FOOT SWITCH (Why the hell didn't I take a pic of the foot switch!?).

That's right, someone finally came up with a way to stop us kids from wasting gas. Ahaha.

And of course, Kyo's usual brainless antics:


. . .

I get bored too often nowadays...

And well, as all kids do, when we're bored, we ditch:


Yup, I went out of my way just to go "menyumpah". XD

Gist; I lost my SPM slip, and I needed to request a new one, or else I can't apply for my degree (fuk).

And, apparently, to request for a copy of the slip, you need to go see a friggin Pesuruhjaya Sumpah.

For godsakes, you need me to VALIDATE that I lost my slip!? Watafak?

Dude, if you lose your IC, you don't need to ask someone to stamp a form saying "Yes, this idiot lost his IC". (as far as I know)

Well, wtvr, it was a flimsy pretext for me and the praktikidz to get out of the lab and drive around. Har har.

But of course, not before we got what we needed:

azrie sumpah 
Azrie is happy. Lol.

Seriously, who the hell is the guy in the background?

Aite, so, after we got the important stuff over with, we took a short break:

OMG another lame "El Futuro" pose?


We didn't really waste a lot of time prowling about the place. A few quick shots, and we were off.

It was friggin hot in the car though. But meh, at 80Km/h, the breeze was a significant substitute for air-conditioning. And it's environmentally friendly too. Lol.


I fukin hate this hot weather. It gets me all lethargic and shit.

Agh! Too lazy to spell-check! PUBLISH~!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Kouda Entry_128: 22 things

Kyo is officially 22-years old!

I was just sitting around one day, thinking what I've done in the past year. Just to see how much I've improved, and learned.

So, here it is; 22 things I've achieved/improved in the past year:

1> Became an internationally certified Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Taekwondo - Black

2> Became an official Taekwondo instructor.

Taekwondo - Instructor 

3> Passed all my papers (with a few bumps here & there, but wtvr).

Survived living in a flat instead of quietly staying in college.

5> Raised an adorable male feline, Nero.



6> Got a brand new webcam / phone / digital camera / external hard disk (i.e. gadget fiesta).


Bought a PS3 (Done this with my brother, so it's separate) XD.


Got my own MAJOR college drama situation(s). LOL

9> Became much more active in blogging.

10> Experienced my first "OMG my car's batteries are dead!" situation.

11> Learned to enjoy the world better with my crew (Azi, Shakir, Zana and Rai.).

The Crew

Learned to do lab work, and take the initiative instead of just being a dufus.


Learned to drive from KL to Kelantan and vice versa on my own. FINALLY~!!

Road to KL

Finished reading all of Dean Koontz's (currently available) Odd series.

Odd Thomas
"Forever Odd" Is Azie's. I swear I'll give it back to you during our Graduation (at the latest XD).

Got an HIV test (Aha! Korang bila lagi nak wat? LOL)

Well, at least now I can confidently donate blood.

16> Drove my car with the doors open (how is this an "achievement?"). If any of my family members is reading this; IT WAS SHAKIR's IDEA! Akakaka!

17> Took my MUET (and achieved BAND 5. Rubbing it in~! XD).

LOL recycled image XD

18> Successfully played my role in boycotting Coca-cola/McD/KFC throughout the whole Gaza-Israel thing. (still going. T_T)

19> Re-Feng Shui-ed my room. TWICE! (Cabinets and tables are godforsaken heavy!!!!)

20> Went on an UNSUPERVISED camping trip.Kekeke. (Guys, I promise I'll finish the draft on that camping post soon ^_^;;)


21> Learned to fish (this happened during the camping trip, which is why I'm wearing the same clothing. Lol.)

I was preparing the bait, if you have no idea what I was doing lah.

22> Finished my studies in UiTM (Excluding the Industrial Training, since it's not really apart of the "studies".)




I wonder if I'll be able to come up with 23 new experiences this year.

Well, here's hoping. ^_^

And Azie, on your birthday you better do this "22-things" post on your blog too! And on time also! No cheating! (as in no making a draft on your bday, and then taking your sweet time posting it. Ahahaha!)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kouda Entry_127: Valentine's Day

This can be considered as a continuation of my previous post:

Kouda Entry_126: Sanctimonious Dimwits

Aite, so Azie told me this afternoon, that there was an article in "Berita Harian", a local newspaper, regarding Valentine's.

So, I figured I should give it a read, to better understand the meaning of Valentine's Day itself. Since, unlike some people, I would rather not be an ignorant prude and shoot expletives without knowing the facts.

And I gotta say, it was very enlightening. You can view the article by clicking the link below:

Berita Harian's Valentine's Day Article

And I would like to point out these two paragraphs, taken from the article:

"Hakikatnya, apa juga alasan diberikan untuk membolehkan Hari Kekasih disambut terutama oleh golongan muda Islam, Panel Kajian Aqidah (PKA) dan Panel Kajian Syariah (PKS) Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) memutuskan bahawa amalan menyambut Hari Valentine adalah haram dan bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam.

Jawatankuasa Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan Bagi Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Malaysia kali ke-71 yang bersidang pada 22 hingga 24 November 2005 memutuskan: "Bahawa amalan merayakan Valentine's Day tidak pernah dianjurkan Islam. Roh perayaan itu mempunyai unsur Kristian, amalannya yang bercampur dengan perbuatan maksiat adalah bercanggah dan dilarang oleh Islam. Oleh itu amalan meraikan Hari Kekasih tidak digalakkan oleh agama Islam."

Those two paragraphs kinda contradict each other, I think. Well, at least we learned something new today. Ahaha.

I'd just like to point out that throughout the whole article, that was the only time that the word haram was used. If you don't believe me, ctrl+F and help yourselves. (No significance, really. I just wanted to point it out).

Oh, and I am absolutely repulsed, and extremely disappointed in the people who commented in my shoutbox, especially "Shahid".

Your "dimwitted" comments weren't even backed up by ANY facts, nor in any way intellectual.

I DID NOT insult Islam. I was merely questioning the mentality of the people who so straightforwardly condemn Valentine's Day WITHOUT any significant knowledge of it's history.

If you were so quick to JUDGE and CLAIM that I was bitchin about my own religion, then dude, you got issues. If you are a "dude" lah. If you are a certain woman, then please, move on.

Silalah sebarkan blog aku kat seluruh dunia. Ia sangat dialu-alukan. Lagi tinggi naik Visitor Count aku, lagi gembiralah aku dibuatnya. Terima Kasih ya, "Shahid".

I'm not trying to pick a fight, I am merely saying if you wish to argue, then at least have some irrefutable FACTS to argue with. If you're just gonna shout out mindless crap, then please direct all complaints to the backside of a cow's rectum. Thanks~.

Oh, and thank you Hasliza Hassan, author of that Berita Harian article. It was very educational, and I greatly appreciate the info that I got from it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kouda Entry_126: Sanctimonious Dimwits

I am sick and tired of this whole "Muslim HARAM Sambut Valentine" crap.



I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, btw. Heck, I barely even celebrate my own birthday.

What the heck is so HARAM about celebrating one's love for another?

Before you even THINK about shooting me down, let me tell you this:
I've done my research.

I know who and what started this whole Valentine's thing.

I know that sum christian dude did some stuff that merits his name to be remembered for all eternity.

And I also know that you idiots should stop being so fuckin self-righteous, telling people to NOT celebrate Valentines.

Y'know what, if you're gonna bitch about people celebrating Valentines, then bitch about the Muslims celebrating Deepavali and Chinese New Year too for godsakes!

BOTH Deepavali and Chinese New Year (and every other celebration) have, to some degree, a religious history.

The Reason for the Chinese wearing red, the lanterns, the fireworks. They all originate to stuff that may "Merosakkan Akidah" (To muslims).

And Deepavali, the festival of lights, at some level, can also corrupt your faith in Allah. But you don't cram your beliefs down the throats of those enjoying the festivities, do you!?

You don't shoot wisecracks when muslims shout out "Gong Xi" or "Happy Deepavali" do you!?

Bitch about the people who got the day off on Thaipusam as well, while you're at it.

Rosak la akidah budak2 nih sebab cuti pada hari Thaipusam.

Haram la saper2 yang amik cuti pada hari Thaipusam sebab itulah hari orang Tamil sambut hari jadi tuhan diorang. (In case you have the humor of a dead ferret, I'm being sarcastic. Duh)

Yes, Thaipusam celebrates the birthday of Lord Murugan the youngest son of Shiva and Parvati.

See, I know a thing or two about other religions. But you don't see me yellin my lungs out to muslims who even remotely participate in the festivities.

Valentine's day isn't even a holiday. Minus 1 point in the "religious-threat-o-meter".

Enough with the "Haram~! Haram~!" sermons la wei.

Not a single soul on the face of the Earth even thinks about god and religion during Valentine's day.

They're all too busy seducing, romancing, and humping their loved ones to even think about anything that is even remotely religious.

Besides, it's the ONE day where we celebrate PEACE and LOVE, in the midst of all the wars and political crap we're facing.

What's so Haram about celebrating Peace and Love!?

Screw the fact that some christian guy was involved. (no offense to you christians).

Hypothetically speaking, if a Christian dude sacrificed himself to save the world, is it Haram if we celebrate it?

If a Christian dude fought against terrorists (of any religion) to protect innocent civilians (including us), is it Haram if we appreciate his sacrifice?

"IF", okay.

Seriously, if a Muslim guy was the one that did the whole sacrificing thing instead of that Valentine dude, you guys wouldn't even think about making a fuss over this shit.

Valentine's is less of a controversy than the whole Yoga thing recently. Which btw, in the end, wasn't HARAM.

So shut up and go screw a blow-up doll or sumthin.


Kouda Entry_125: Home Deco?


Side note: My digital camera's batts were chargin, so I had to use my N76 to take pictures instead.

Brand spankin' new DIY cabinets for me to burn my time away with.

Got these things at the mall with mommy dearest. (Apparently, my endless nagging about needing a cabinet finally got to her. Lol)

Seriously, at first I was like, "It's just a bunch of wood and plastic. How hard can it be?"

. . .

. .



Okay...maybe it's just a "little" bit harder than I thought.

I didn't really take a look at the clock, but according to my cam-phone, it took me about 30 minutes to get this far.



We've all established the fact that I am no good when it comes to DIY stuff. Keep that in mind.

And about 9 minutes later, tadah!!!


I'm not feeling the "sense of accomplishment" most people yak about though...


Okay, okay. Maybe the damn furniture I just put together was child's play. Perhaps something bigger might grant me the ecstasy of achievement I've been hearing so much about.

So I cracked open the second cabinet:

And I died X_x.


It took me a friggin hour to get this far! Wtf!?

Putting that heap of processed organic matter was a serious pain. The damn rods just WON'T FUKIN FIT!

The palm of my hands were so red and sore from all the "smacking" I was doing to get the thing to fit correctly.

I didn't take a picture of my glowing red hands...fuk.

Ah, well, after another 30 minutes or so, I finally got all the pieces together.


. . .

. .


Still not feeling any accomplishment.

Bankai . . .


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kouda Entry_124: How To Cut Yourself

We all know that I'm a retarded klutz with near zero hand-eye coordination.

Now that we've established how incapable I am of fancy hand movements, let's move on to the main topic:


omgrotflolwtf is that even remotely possible, you ask? Let's see, shall we?

Step 1: Get yourself a rack full of test tubes (seriously, these things are harmless)

Step 2: Gently grab one of them (again, harmless) test tubes.

Step 3: Remove the test tube cap.

Step 4: Gently squeeze the cap (harmless?)

Step 5: Band aid.

Tadah! Simple, no?

My right index finger was already bandaged when I took these photos. So, I took pics of my left hand instead.

It would ruin the surprise if you guys can see my bandaged finger early on, kan? Lol.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kouda Entry_123: I hate

Seriously, I loathe that site.

Everytime i (have to) go to that page, my face would be so contorted, that I fear it might one day be forever malformed.

I hate it.


Honestly, why does that damned web page keep asking me stuff I can't fukin answer!?

It's like taking a friggin chemistry test!

It's bad enough that I lost my SPM slip, so I can't effin fill in the damned form.

And just when I thought I have info I CAN fill in, it throws me a fukin curve ball that hits me square in the nuts.

"TARIKH MENGAMBIL MUET" !? WTF!? Mana la aku nak ingat wei~!!!!

Tanyer la TARIKH RESULT ker. Info tu terang2 aku ada. Tapi xnak la plak. Bengong.

WHY!? WHY!? WHY the hell am I so damned stressed whenever I pay that hellish site a visit!? WHHHHYYYYYY!?!?!?!??!?!?!

And why are you even asking me for my SPM results!? I busted my skinny ass to get a diploma, and you're still drillin up my butt to get that dried up piece of info!?

What's the point of my CGPA!? Okay, fine, my CGPA sucks, but at least it's still fuckin fresh in my mind.

Is this some sort of twisted sign!? Am I not meant to get an education any higher than a diploma!?

The hell do you want from me!?!?!?!?!?!?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kouda Entry_122: Kouda XP ver 2

Kouda XP - ver 2 - BLOG 

I woke up today, and my back was all annoying. And by "annoying", I mean it felt uncomfortable.

And as a (almost) 22-year old, it's a godforsaken shock that I'm having trouble with my spinal cord (O_o).

What does that have to do with making a new version of my Kouda XP logo?

. . .

. .


No reason, really. I'm just in love with Photoshop's Pen Tool.
Shut up, no one will understand our love.

You dont understand


Ok, that's it. I'm done. I should probably get to bed now.

You can check out my Kouda XP logo (ver.1) at my deviantart account here:

Click here to pay my dismal deviantart account a visit!

Yes, this is an attempt to mencapab.

Tis the END~!