Monday, February 9, 2009

Kouda Entry_126: Sanctimonious Dimwits

I am sick and tired of this whole "Muslim HARAM Sambut Valentine" crap.



I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, btw. Heck, I barely even celebrate my own birthday.

What the heck is so HARAM about celebrating one's love for another?

Before you even THINK about shooting me down, let me tell you this:
I've done my research.

I know who and what started this whole Valentine's thing.

I know that sum christian dude did some stuff that merits his name to be remembered for all eternity.

And I also know that you idiots should stop being so fuckin self-righteous, telling people to NOT celebrate Valentines.

Y'know what, if you're gonna bitch about people celebrating Valentines, then bitch about the Muslims celebrating Deepavali and Chinese New Year too for godsakes!

BOTH Deepavali and Chinese New Year (and every other celebration) have, to some degree, a religious history.

The Reason for the Chinese wearing red, the lanterns, the fireworks. They all originate to stuff that may "Merosakkan Akidah" (To muslims).

And Deepavali, the festival of lights, at some level, can also corrupt your faith in Allah. But you don't cram your beliefs down the throats of those enjoying the festivities, do you!?

You don't shoot wisecracks when muslims shout out "Gong Xi" or "Happy Deepavali" do you!?

Bitch about the people who got the day off on Thaipusam as well, while you're at it.

Rosak la akidah budak2 nih sebab cuti pada hari Thaipusam.

Haram la saper2 yang amik cuti pada hari Thaipusam sebab itulah hari orang Tamil sambut hari jadi tuhan diorang. (In case you have the humor of a dead ferret, I'm being sarcastic. Duh)

Yes, Thaipusam celebrates the birthday of Lord Murugan the youngest son of Shiva and Parvati.

See, I know a thing or two about other religions. But you don't see me yellin my lungs out to muslims who even remotely participate in the festivities.

Valentine's day isn't even a holiday. Minus 1 point in the "religious-threat-o-meter".

Enough with the "Haram~! Haram~!" sermons la wei.

Not a single soul on the face of the Earth even thinks about god and religion during Valentine's day.

They're all too busy seducing, romancing, and humping their loved ones to even think about anything that is even remotely religious.

Besides, it's the ONE day where we celebrate PEACE and LOVE, in the midst of all the wars and political crap we're facing.

What's so Haram about celebrating Peace and Love!?

Screw the fact that some christian guy was involved. (no offense to you christians).

Hypothetically speaking, if a Christian dude sacrificed himself to save the world, is it Haram if we celebrate it?

If a Christian dude fought against terrorists (of any religion) to protect innocent civilians (including us), is it Haram if we appreciate his sacrifice?

"IF", okay.

Seriously, if a Muslim guy was the one that did the whole sacrificing thing instead of that Valentine dude, you guys wouldn't even think about making a fuss over this shit.

Valentine's is less of a controversy than the whole Yoga thing recently. Which btw, in the end, wasn't HARAM.

So shut up and go screw a blow-up doll or sumthin.