Monday, February 16, 2009

Kouda Entry_129: Bactec and Menyumpah


Aite, so for the next 2 weeks, I'll be assigned to the microbiology labs (or "Bactec",as the people at HUSM call it).

And dude, the first thing I saw was this:


Call me jakun, but I've never seen such a fancy bunsen burner with buttons and a FOOT SWITCH (Why the hell didn't I take a pic of the foot switch!?).

That's right, someone finally came up with a way to stop us kids from wasting gas. Ahaha.

And of course, Kyo's usual brainless antics:


. . .

I get bored too often nowadays...

And well, as all kids do, when we're bored, we ditch:


Yup, I went out of my way just to go "menyumpah". XD

Gist; I lost my SPM slip, and I needed to request a new one, or else I can't apply for my degree (fuk).

And, apparently, to request for a copy of the slip, you need to go see a friggin Pesuruhjaya Sumpah.

For godsakes, you need me to VALIDATE that I lost my slip!? Watafak?

Dude, if you lose your IC, you don't need to ask someone to stamp a form saying "Yes, this idiot lost his IC". (as far as I know)

Well, wtvr, it was a flimsy pretext for me and the praktikidz to get out of the lab and drive around. Har har.

But of course, not before we got what we needed:

azrie sumpah 
Azrie is happy. Lol.

Seriously, who the hell is the guy in the background?

Aite, so, after we got the important stuff over with, we took a short break:

OMG another lame "El Futuro" pose?


We didn't really waste a lot of time prowling about the place. A few quick shots, and we were off.

It was friggin hot in the car though. But meh, at 80Km/h, the breeze was a significant substitute for air-conditioning. And it's environmentally friendly too. Lol.


I fukin hate this hot weather. It gets me all lethargic and shit.

Agh! Too lazy to spell-check! PUBLISH~!