Friday, February 13, 2009

Kouda Entry_128: 22 things

Kyo is officially 22-years old!

I was just sitting around one day, thinking what I've done in the past year. Just to see how much I've improved, and learned.

So, here it is; 22 things I've achieved/improved in the past year:

1> Became an internationally certified Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Taekwondo - Black

2> Became an official Taekwondo instructor.

Taekwondo - Instructor 

3> Passed all my papers (with a few bumps here & there, but wtvr).

Survived living in a flat instead of quietly staying in college.

5> Raised an adorable male feline, Nero.



6> Got a brand new webcam / phone / digital camera / external hard disk (i.e. gadget fiesta).


Bought a PS3 (Done this with my brother, so it's separate) XD.


Got my own MAJOR college drama situation(s). LOL

9> Became much more active in blogging.

10> Experienced my first "OMG my car's batteries are dead!" situation.

11> Learned to enjoy the world better with my crew (Azi, Shakir, Zana and Rai.).

The Crew

Learned to do lab work, and take the initiative instead of just being a dufus.


Learned to drive from KL to Kelantan and vice versa on my own. FINALLY~!!

Road to KL

Finished reading all of Dean Koontz's (currently available) Odd series.

Odd Thomas
"Forever Odd" Is Azie's. I swear I'll give it back to you during our Graduation (at the latest XD).

Got an HIV test (Aha! Korang bila lagi nak wat? LOL)

Well, at least now I can confidently donate blood.

16> Drove my car with the doors open (how is this an "achievement?"). If any of my family members is reading this; IT WAS SHAKIR's IDEA! Akakaka!

17> Took my MUET (and achieved BAND 5. Rubbing it in~! XD).

LOL recycled image XD

18> Successfully played my role in boycotting Coca-cola/McD/KFC throughout the whole Gaza-Israel thing. (still going. T_T)

19> Re-Feng Shui-ed my room. TWICE! (Cabinets and tables are godforsaken heavy!!!!)

20> Went on an UNSUPERVISED camping trip.Kekeke. (Guys, I promise I'll finish the draft on that camping post soon ^_^;;)


21> Learned to fish (this happened during the camping trip, which is why I'm wearing the same clothing. Lol.)

I was preparing the bait, if you have no idea what I was doing lah.

22> Finished my studies in UiTM (Excluding the Industrial Training, since it's not really apart of the "studies".)




I wonder if I'll be able to come up with 23 new experiences this year.

Well, here's hoping. ^_^

And Azie, on your birthday you better do this "22-things" post on your blog too! And on time also! No cheating! (as in no making a draft on your bday, and then taking your sweet time posting it. Ahahaha!)