Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kouda Entry_130: Home Alone

Here's the scoop;

Mom and dad went to KL to pay my siblings a visit.

So, Kyo is gonna have the big ol' house all to himself for the weekend. Ekekeke.



It's not like I've never been home alone before. Dude, I'm friggin 22 for godsakes.

The downside is that now that I'm a young adult, being home alone kinda loses its thrill.

I can already abuse the PS2 / PS3 as much as I want.

I can already stay up as late as I want.

I can already watch adult movies.

I can already have babies.

I can already have mindless, meaningless, kinky sex.






O_o ?

uh...the hell am I talking about?

It's a childhood habit. Try it.

Ah, nothing like downloading porn  youtube videos while watching anime.
Shounen Onmyouji sucks.

So, I was happily overloading our electric bill when it struck me:

I missed lunch.

And my stomach for bitchin for some attention.

Debating on what to eat.

Seriously, took me nearly an hour to figure out what I should get.

When I finally decided on what to have, I quickly got in the car, and floored it. XD.

A little sightseeing while driving?

One of the limited number of malls we got here.

I think I almost rammed my headlights into the car in front of me when I took this. Ekeke.


O deng, GIF files always end up so effin pixelated. But meh, gets the message through.

To avoid looking like a sad, pathetic tourist, I decided not to poke around and take pictures in the shop.

I know, I'm a wuss. Lol.

Oh, and wanna know why I love Kota Bharu?

Smooth sailing~

Which is why I always say, "Everything is 5 minutes away in KB".

I still don't get why there's always a friggin tree in front of a signboard.


I actually forgot to take a pic of my lunch/dinner.

By the time I actually thought of snapping pictures, my plate was squeaky clean. Lol.

But it was delish ^_^.


This has been another pointless blog entry by yours truly.