Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kouda Entry_165: Christening!

I am sooooo glad that I finally get to type on my laptop after a 3-day computer-less trip. I am NEVER leaving my Dell again!!!

O gawd I missed the feel of the keyboard at the tip of my fingers.

I could've blogdrafted a few entries while on the road. But no~, Kyo had the brightest idea of leaving his Dell behind. Bodo. I'm sorry la, I think my brain stroke off when I was packing.

At any rate, been planning on drafting this entry for ages. So here goes:


I finally named that stupid centipede (and that deranged grape)~!!



Full name: Sen Theadore Pede. Wah liao eh. We'll call him Sen lah, for short. As in the Malaysian currency. Ahahaha~!!




It's a grape. I am not giving a piece of fruit a full name. Especially not one that keeps gnawing a chunk my head off in my sleep.




FAIL! Next up, let's try Sen!










That last panel was effing cliched. Lolz. Sen was supposed to pop up, but there wasn't enough space to fit his big assed self. XD







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