Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kouda Entry_188: 23 things

Finally an update eh? I’m sorry this isn’t the Part 3 of the convocation series. But I figured this should be put into priority.

It was my birthday a few days ago, and of course, there’s an obligatory birthday post (even if it’s almost a week late. haha).

So, here’s a list of 23 things that happened in the past year:




1> Kouda Mainframe 2 years old


2> Had a great practical at HUSM

Actually, the closest thing I got to a scalpel was a wooden stick.
And we used that to mix fecal matter. Gross, no? >_>


3> Camping~!

Yup, the last camping trip I went to involved a mild case of insomnia
on my part.


4> Wacom

Courtesy of Reza. ^_^


5> Sen and Garr were christened

They’re not too happy about my lack of blog updates…


6> Started comic blogging

The reason why you guys like this blog, kan kan kan? Lol.


7> 2nd Dan in Taekwondo


8> Graduated (diploma)


9> Degree (Biomolecular Science)
not really the kind of thing that strikes enthusiasm, eh?


10> Moved into new flat


11> Great Roomies

I just wish they’re a bit cleaner / organized…


12> Wisdom

I’ve seen too much bullcrap to believe otherwise.


13> Survived a car crash (Near-Death Experience)

full story here: LINK~ 


14> Nero passed

Bye Nero, if only the vet didn’t charge us so much.


15> New digital camera

Next year get SLR can? Haha.


16> Passed all 1st semester papers

YES!! I did not fail anything!! Usually I’d fail chemistry, but since now there aren’t any chemistry classes nemore… Woot~!!

(Success by default. Lol.)


17> Video-blogging attempt(s)

Still working on it. I got like wut…2 entries so far? Har har.


18> New laptop

Windows 7 yo!!! Upgrade!!! Thanks daddy dearest!!


19> That promise

I’m not telling~. Haha.
This is a reminder to myself that some people can keep promises.
And that I was greatly thankful for it.

The person involved has never read this blog. Keke. 


20> A memorable birthday
188_20 Clicky for larger view (but why?)

As opposed to the previous unimpressive Birthdays here in Shah Alam. Lolz.


21> Official freelance job

Got my first official paying freelance designing thingy.
Which basically means EVEN LESS SLEEP.
But it was fun. XD


22> Parents healthy and amazingly active

Uh…I don’t have any pics of my parents. So, this one will have to do. Lol.

Seriously, my parents are uber active. What with businesses and driving and carrying stuff. Impressive to the max!


23> Kyo alive and kicking even after 23 years


I am 23 years old!! And already my back is starting to hurt from spending too much time reading journals for my research proposal. Deng…

There were a lot of achievements and disappointments in the past year. And I try to keep track of them all. Because all of them made me who I am today; A sad, bitter child without a scrap of optimism for the fate of humankind. Lol.

Anyways, sorry for not updating for so long, guys!



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