Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kouda Entry_187: Convo (Part 2)

Took me a while to get this one done. Almost 20 panels in a single entry. Whew…

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to Part 1.

And now on to Part 2.

Convo (Part 2): Series of Problems

I was determined to make it a good day! Heck, I wasn’t going to let my one day of triumph be marred by lack of sleep.

187 - 01   02

Lol. Went all out planning ni.


3 panel



It was probably a miscommunication or whatever. But, my stress level was already reaching dangerously high levels.



187 - 07   08

187 - 09   10 187 - rush1 
It took me a while to find my sister though. There were huge masses of people everywhere! But, I managed to find her after a while.

187 - 11   12 187 - 13   14

I know la, it’s just a packet of facial tissues. But it was just so sweet ^_^. Thanks, sis!

After that was well and done, I had to quickly rush back to the gathering area immediately.

187 - rush2

But then, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that they had already started to line up.

187 - 15 187 - rush3
Had to rush and look for my spot in line. I was seriously hoping that it’s not too far off.

187 - 16

But then, one of the people in charge asked me to put on my robe and mortar board. (I didn’t want to run around with those on)

That’s when I realized…

187 - 17   18

And then my stress level increased a bit more. Lol.

It was already a hectic start to my convocation day. But I was still determined to make it a fun day!

But little did I know, a lot of crap was still waiting for me… Haih…


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