Friday, December 4, 2009

Kouda Entry_186: Convo (part 1)

Yosh! I finally finished sketching the blog entry for my convocation!!

Due to the amazingly huge amount of shitty things that happened on that day, the blog entry turned out VERY long. 45 panels of comic strips! Gilaks.

So, I’ve decided to divide the entry into 3 parts. And here’s the first:


Convo (Part 1) : The Day Before

All of us were excited about the big day. After all, we spent 3 years studying our asses of to get our diplomas.

01 - 02

I wanted to finish my assignments that night. So that I could fully enjoy my convocation day and no studies-related stuff would get in the way.


186 - 03



186 - 04

But then my computer started to be a real beyotch. Lol.


 186 - 05


186 - 06

186 - 07


It was really annoying!!! My Dell kept crashing over and OVER again!!


And then, around midnight, a friend of mine came over to give me the material for ANOTHER group assignment.


08 - 10


But in the end…


186 - 11

I ended up having to stay up all night to finish the assignment.

Not only that, I had to use my roommate’s laptop because mine kept throwing tantrums.


As a result…

186 - 12

Abis la my convo…hancur…


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