Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kouda Entry_29: Misguided Fury

Okay, here's the scoop;

Me n da crew (Azi, Shakir, Zana n Rai) went out last nite. Doin wut frens do; gettin drunk and runnin over sum other drunk bastard. Lol.

I kid. And if you take that seriously, i suggest u go see a shrink.

So that he can run u over while being drunk. Har har.

Naw, we were just goin out to eat at seksyen 2 shah alam. Nasi putih n telur bungkus can taste fukin heavenly when ur on a sumwat empty stomach. Lol.

At any rate! After a tiring nite out, Kyo had to go back to the flat, and be embraced by the arms of Food Microbiology lab report. Haih...I swear, i shud marry the labs. So, long story short, I had to stay up all night and do that effin report. But, conveniently, my internet was fukin down. So, i had to work with wut i had, which was nuthin. So, stayed up until the net was workin, and i ended up not sleeping.

Anywho, the next mornin, i was in a gilababi punya rush to get to class. Class was at 8.30, i left the flat at near 8.25. Sila panik. But wait, theres more! An effin long traffic jam, extending from section 7 (a bit further from my flat) all the way INTO uitm was in place. I was cursin so much, i think i invented a few unscrupulous words of my own *pride*. Lol.

As i slowly drove the car into the university, followed by a godforsaken chain of cars.I discovered that there was a Pakgad blockin the effin road. At fukin 8.45 in the fukin morning!? I swear, if i wasnt late for class, i'd smack the car door into that bloody smug so hard, he'd forget wut year it was. But then again, if i wasn't late for class, i wudnt be so pissed enuff to do dat. Lol.

Off topic. Shit lah. Anyway, i found out that there was an accident nearby the pakgad (which i still find to be fukin annoyin).

Whut accident u ask? If i recall, and im not sure if i got the correct details from my fren; a motorcyclist came into contact with a BUS. A UITM bus to be specific. Great publicity y'all. And wuts even more of a muthafukin plot twist-kronik-tahap-dewa-nak-mampus-gilababs-camsial, is that, the guy on the motorcycle, ended up with a head-loss. As in his head was splattered like a watermelon under a speeding mallet. And although the girl who was on the motorcycle was not lethally injured, i assumed she'd me gravely traumatized by the sight of the friend being crushed by a huge metal mass on wheels.

And so, i now know why the road was so crammed, and that my effin anger was sumwat mislead. Lol. But still, i can't believe the pakgad had to unnecessarily block a junction, causing a clogged road, and ultimately making me (and a lot of other students i assume) late for class.

Moral of the story; Even if you're late for class, be thankful that you still got a functional head on ur shoulders. And that u still have a few years to get screwed over on this huge ball of dirt we call Earth.

I am not making sense. Wut did u expect? Sum deep, meaningful story that most people would convert as soon as they reach the bottom of the entry? Wtf do i look like, an missionary?

Dah, balik tido. Esok ada lab report nak antar. Lol.