Monday, July 16, 2012

Kouda Entry_271: M.O.S. - Yggdrasil

271 - Yggdrasil

March of Symbology (Extended) – 25


The holy tree of the World. The Yggdrasil was created by the Echelons to contain the uncontrollable energy within The Xeros, and counter its effects in the long term.

This symbol draws power from the Earth and Heavens and binds it together to generate a warm, life-giving light.

When used against Xeros, it consumes the decaying energy, and circulates it within itself. Xeros’ effect is nullified by amalgamating it with the two purifying energy of the Earth and Heavens.

The Yggdrasil rests near the precipice where The Xeros is sealed. It must never be removed, or the World shall once again fall prey to Xeros’ decay…



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