Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kouda Entry_34: Big n Tasty

Me n Azi went to McDonalds the other day. I was shocked at how long its been since I've last set foor inside a McD outlet. Awww, memories. haha. At any rate, they had this new burger which i did NOT know of (forgive me o "god of fast food and clogged arteries"). No idea how long this new thing have been out. But I'm gonna pretend that its all new and fresh n shit anyway. Kekeke.

And the name of the burger was so damn kinky, i kudn't resist but blog about it. Haha. I present to you; The Big and Tasty~!!!

caution, image may cause blindess. lol

Well, the only thing big about that piece of work there is the meat. Uhuh, big meat y'all. Don't u dare miss that innuendo right there. Or i swear I'll hunt you down like a retarded bunny in leg braces.

They shud put more veggies inside the damn sandwich tho. I mean, c'mon, one slice of tomato is hardly enuff to satisfy my palate. ~_~