Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kouda Entry_40: I Know What u Did Last Semester

A girl was stayin at the lab, late at night. Everyone has left, and she’s all alone. Suddenly, her cellphone rings…


No subtitles yet...

Haha~! Kyo does it again with his insane murderous habits. Too bad u can’t see much of Azi’s face, especially when I stabbed her with the micropipette. Her “blud curdling scream” was hilarious tho. Haha.

Azi insisted we subtitled the vid before posting, but I don’t know how to add subs. Lol. Really wished we’d done vid in English. Cuz, y’know, Malay can sound so lame…haha. I gots nuthin against the malay language, but I find English to be more expressive.