Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kouda Entry_38: Chrysanthemum

Kay, this happened like a few days ago (weeks mebbe, I dunno, my sense of time is messed up). Anyways, I picked Shakir up at college so that we kud head to the labs together. He offered to buy me lunch, so I obliged (Free lunch! Who the hell would pass that up?).

To my surprise, Teratai CafĂ© was amazingly clean and organized, unlike the other cafes in the university. And apparently, they gots a much more interesting choice of drinks. Among them is chrysanthemum tea y’all! Fancy shmancy. Haha. I just had to try it out.

Sir, there’s tea on my flowers…

Okay, I know that this kind of tea has petals in it. But I swear, it’s like the stuff is 90% flowers and 9% sugar and 1% water. I was choking on petals every single time I took a sip. Now I know how goats feel like when they graze (~_~). I believe they invented a strainer for a reason. Lol.

I’ll just stick to ice lemon tea, thank you.