Monday, November 3, 2008

Kouda Entry_89: Libraretards

We were all bein a bunch of brain-dead asses in the library. When we shud've been studyin for our entrepreneurship paper, this is wut we did;


No better way to get smart then to eat ur classmate's brains. I heard they taste like chocolate covered strawberries. Om-nom-nom-nom-nom~. Lol.

Makin a mess

So, they were all plastered all over the carpet. I just decided to capture the moment and whore about it on the net. One minor problem; My face is missing! Wtf!? Lol. Ah, azi with her muka bosan. Kesian~.


Yea, Shakir makan dalam library. Nasi lagi tu, melampau. Haha. We shud all follow in his example and open a buffet in between the shelves. Now THAT is wut i call a REVOLUTION~! Keke.

Is it supposed to bend that way?

I got bored, so i decided to mutilate my kneecap and see wut happens. Lol. Didn't bend as much as i thought i wud tho. I recall being able to do much more when i was a kid. Back when i still had flexible ligaments and a mind clear of porn. XD.

Kyo yang tersepit

Let this be a warning; Small children (and skinny teens) can die of being stuck in doorways. The worst part is that all the lint from the carpet got all over my shirt. Ewww...seriously, NOT kool.

If I was ever to die (i sound like i think i'm immortal...bodo), I'd rather not die in the dirty, uncleaned, hideously decorated floor of the UiTM library. If that statement doesnt make me sound gay, i dunno wut does. O_o... Forget i said that...

Finally, a video of the pointless shit we were doing behind the stacks of books. Warning, video contains zero nudity.


And we got like 0.5% studying done. Haha. The library closed at frikkin 5pm. The hell are we supposed to study before 5pm? Everyone knows that all the hot-kinky-nerd-action occurs after sundown! XD.