Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kouda Entry_94: Back Home

Hey yea! Finally got back to good ol' Kelantan.

Got back last nite, at about 10pm mebbe. I was too disgruntled to give the clock a second look. Why? Cuz my brother, Riz, decided to go see his friends before we headed home.

The initial plan was the we take the road to Gerik, and from there, onwards to Kota Bharu. But, plans don't always work out, rite?

Well, Riz had this brilliant idea of letting me drive. Huge mistake. Cuz we all know I'm completely braindead when it comes to directions. Lol. XD. Meh, i gotta learn sooner or later.

So, long story short, we ended up spending about an hour going about in the wrong directions. That's no typo, directionS. Big fuggly S. Lol. I swear to god, as soon as they invent a way to implant a GPS into human brains, I am so~ signing up.

When are you scientists gonna start inventing brain implants huh? Enough with the boob jobs. If we ever run out of silicone in this world, i'm gonna beat them large-breasted blondes with a stick. Ah...its wut every man wud dream of... XD. Sick.

All n all, it was an ok drive. Though, I almost snapped my neck 2 or 3 times while trying to sleep in the passanger seat. My sleeping skills need a bit of work.

Not that kind of sleeping, you pervs. Go bludgeon yourselves.