Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kouda Entry_72: Health Issues

Y’know wut sucks? U know sum sort of physical illness is coming your way, but u can’t do nothing bout it.

Well, 2 days ago, I noticed that I was getting Strep-Throat. So, I got sum strepsils to kill off them pesky germs and prevent a full-blown sore throat (macam la serius sangat itu penyakit. Hah). But woe is me, it’s ramadhan. So, Kyo can’t take the meds. And now, my throat is all irritated and shit.

I’m not blaming Ramadhan. I’m blaming the unfortunate timing that them Streptococcus decides to raid my windpipe.

Oh, and my right arm is has been spasming out on me for the past few days. Wtf? x cukup kasih sayang. Bankai tul. Yer la, every last inch of me demands attention. Meluat sey. Haha.