Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kouda Entry_74: Virus Alert!


Noooo~!!! I woke up this morning, only to discover this particular notice plastered all over my laptop screen. I was like…O_O wtf!?

Fancy, idn’t it? Lol.

Now I know wut ur thinking, “Tu la, download lagi porn”. Shut up. I’ve been downloading porn all my life and shit like this never happened before. Wakakakaka~!!!

That was a joke, and if you took it seriously, go see a therapist. Then jump of a cliff.

Naw, I think it’s because last nite, I was up looking for an RMXP software, crack and keygen (Oh! Kantoi x beli ori. Bodo). Well, anyways, prowlin about those download sites so indiscriminately came back and bit me in the ass. Babi tul.

Siap bagi essay kat aku. Impressive. Lol.

So now, I’m desperately trying to save my laptop…again… and prevent more data loss and another emotional breakdown. Oh...le horrorz...I' shock...o shit...

Erratic PC behaviour? Kinx.

I swear, these dang pop ups are so effin annoyin. Nak wat keje pun susah. Kejap2 "pop", tensen sey. VirusRemover2008? Do I look like I was born yesterday? Must I ungkit how much I'm a pissant when it comes to birthdays? Kasi lempang kat muka baru paham. Adeh... Emo~

Stating the Obvious...Duh~

"Parasite programs"? Ayat xleh blah. Kakaka. Wuts next? Computer STD? The hell is with these long-winded statements? "Please use recommeded sypware. I don't want to die. Tolong la wei. Don't u love me anymore? Nangis kang." Bodo.

Attention, you are fucked.

Notice the missing "All Programs" button at the of the damn thing. How the hell am I supposed to function without the damn "All Programs" button? Control Panel pun hilang. Babs...babs... What strain of virus wud do such an underhanded thing? I'd like to shove my shoe up the ass of whoever made that godforsaken malware. Biar la iang sebelah kasut pun. The satisfaction of knowing that he'd be constipated for life wud b enuff to make my day.

No porn?

Tengok. Penuh ngan RPG Maker XP shit. Tobat dah xnak prowl about those damned sites again. Xnak~ Xnak~!!! Baik g download indiscriminate shit. Lagi ada pekdah nyer. No seriously. At least if your laptop crashed because of excess porn-hunting, u'd deserve it. But computer dying because of game-related shit? Wut is the world coming to? There is no justice!!