Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kouda Entry_62: Merdeka Eve part 2

Okay, the last post was effin long, so i decided to divide it into two parts. Lol. Aite, also, durin the Merdeka eve, Azi wanted to treat me to sum of Starbucks' Mooncakes. *Effin Droolz*. Although we never got around to eating it. Since we were so busy talkin and prowlin about the place. Haha. So, we decided to eat it for our buka puasa today. I shall blog once the deed is done.


Oh, and we had a little fun at Borders too. Azi started the whole thing tho. She showed me a book that i couldnt resist but to take a picture with. Hehe.

Studyin the important stuff

I swear to god, it was fukin hilarious. Who the hell writes a book and gives it the title "PIMP". Well, mebbe i wud, but that's besides the point. Lol. But PINK of all colors. I swear. Hish. XD

Flawless but Heartbroken. Awww~.

Can't really see the title of the second book tho. It's "Lessons in Heartbreak". Haih, when will this girl ever get over that piece of charcoal which we refer to as her ex. Lol. O wow, why de hell do i even care. Kakaka. Bah, at least Azi knows that when a guy dah x nak, xyah nak lebih2. Lol.

Apparently XD

Books are the best. At least the titles can mean more the the text inside it. Lol. Azi memang la. Kyo ikut jer. Hahaha. His and Hers ya all. Gedik nak mampus. Ok, ok, can we move on now? This commentary isn't making any sense.

"Naughty Neighbor"

I was referrin to the book title, not the picture on the cover. Haha. Ah~, twas a great time at a bookstore. Just a couple of nerds goofin around, judgin books by their covers. Lol. Yay~. At least theres one woman in this world that doesn't piss me off. Hahaha.