Monday, September 15, 2008

Kouda Entry_63: Nuang-Times

So, yesterday, the committee from the Nuang hiking trip thing invited me to berbuka puasa with them at Times Square. Of course, kyo at first was all “Ah, dang it, malas la mau jalan jauh2 just to berbuka”. But then I figured, since I didn’t go to the hiking trip itself, I should probably join in on this gathering.

We went to this place called Hartz Chicken Buffet. From afar, it looks promising, plenty of food to go around. But the effin downside is that they won’t let u in the damn place before 6.45pm. And we got there around 5pm. So, we had to goddamn wait for more than an hour to get into the friggin restaurant. Patience Kyo…abis pahala bulan puasa aku. Haha.

Waiting in Line

Excuse the lack of enthusiasm in my part. Apparently, the food deprivation got to me. Har har. Oh, and obviously, the crew wasn’t with me this time. Instead, I got to hang out with a few of my other classmates. Lively bunch, I must say. Lol. I’d list down their names…but uh…we all know how Kyo is bad with names. Ehehe…hehe…

Oh Glorious Food~

Aite, so, this is wut u get when u put 10 hungry individuals in an all-u-can-eat buffet; A pile-up big enough to end world hunger as we know it. U can practically see the fat seeping from them chickens. I swear, I think we all gained like 10kg each after the meal...minimum. Oh, le horrorz. Kyo is in shock.

Kyo’s Platter

A humble serving, no? A plate of sin on the left, and a plate of healthy goodness on the right. This, my friends, is what we call “balance”. Either that, or I just don’t wanna look like a muthafuggin glutton in front of the ladies. Haha. Nah, Kyo has a small gut. I’m a pussy, wut-evah. XD

In Agony

This is kinda embarrassing. Hehe. Aw, c’mon, you’d be all pissed too if you’re sittin in front of such a huge stack of fattening delights and can’t even drool over it. Oh…the pain… why do u people torture me so…

Pose for the Camera…-phone…

Gilababs clear ini gambar. If only my N76 could do the same. Nokia betrayed me. The bitches. Tengok, abis puasa aku, duk maki hamun company orang. Haha.

Yes, you do

And yet, not a single sock in sight. Mebbe its one of those underground escort services thingy. Lol.