Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kouda Entry_65: The Core

Aite, we all know how I am utterly slow when it comes to watchin movies and shit. Yea well, good movies are hard to come by.

Recently, Shakir got me a bunch of movies to waste my time with. And well, the timing couldn’t be any better. Lol. So, I scanned the movies, looked for any interesting ones, and there it was, the 2003 movie that caught my interest;

The Core 2002/03

The Core is about the world coming to an end (naturally). Ok, the basis of the storyline is overused. I mean, c’mon, almost every single movie out there is about sum sort of world destruction fiasco. Meh. But the seller here, is that 6 smart-asses from all these major scientific fields are going into the Earth to revive it again.

We All Love Lightning

Apparently, the world’s core consists of revolving liquid metal that generates the Electromagnetic Field surrounding the Earth. And as it goes, this field is essential to the world’s survivability. In the movie, the world’s core stopped rotating, due to sum unknown cause (spoiler, I ain’t revealin it here) and as a result, the Electromagnetic Field around it goes into disarray. This in turn, causes weird Electromagnetic shit happenin all over our lovely blue planet.

Motley Crew of Scientists

Pretty bunch, isn’t it? Aw, c’mon, who’s wanna watch a movie about 6 balding scientists with big guts and no sense of humor? (Sorry NASA. Lol). Oh, and apparently, the one woman in the motion picture is just to buat cukup syarat je kot. I mean c’mon, 5 men drillin into the Earth’s core while in a big metal dildo (which is named Virgil btw. Wtf?) is just too fuckin gay. Haha. I mean, imagine a long machine penetrating into virgin territory that is the Earth’s mantel. Add 5 men to the equation. Now I dare u to tell me that this particular scene isn’t just effin wrong. >_>

Ok ok, wutever it is that goes on in y’all’s head bout this movie, keep it aside. Lol. The main point is, the execution of this movie was quite well done. The effects were nicely animated. If you haven’t watched this yet, smack urself in the head, and then take ur unconscious self to the nearest video store. Rent, buy, download, wutever u prefer. It ain’t any of my business. Har har.