Friday, September 19, 2008

Kouda Entry_70: Bitch (obviously)

Wut better way to start your day than a highly concentrated dose of bitchiness.

Okay, I don't usually make a big deal over these kind of things. But this mornin, I was so effin pissed about a mishap that occurred.

So, I was late for class...well, a lot more late than i wud normally allow myself to be. And I was frantically tryin to rush to the lecture hall. It was technically "smooth sailing", I mean, the general lack of parking spots, the crowded streets, the rows of cars that won't seem to budge no matter how much i will them to. However, these things didn't trigger my unexplained wrath earlier today.

I was about to park my car at my usual spot. But there was this big ol' silver Perdana or Gen2 or wutever that was in front of me. That car, apparently, took the parking spot that I had in mind. No curses escaped my mouth yet.

So, I figured, heck, i'm 30 mins late for class, I'll be out in the next 30mins. So, I guess it wudnt hurt to just park behind the silver Perdana/Gen2 for a bit. And so I did.

Upon doing this, 2 female lecturers popped out of the silver gargantuan on wheels. Dengan muka that can only be described as "muka sial".

I ignored. I was late for class. Who gives a muthafukin rat's ass.

Then, they said to me, "Awak x boleh parking kat sini".

"I'm really sorry, but I'm late for class. I'll move it in the next 30minutes or so", I said.

Then, that beyotch replied, "I don't care that you're late for class. You can't park here. Ini kawasan Pelekat Merah sahaja".

"I'm really late for class. It'll only take a while. Do you need to move your car out soon?" I asked., since I was blocking their car.

Then, the second bitch said, "I'm movin my car out sekarang."

And I realized that I should move, since she wanted to get the car out. I apologized, and hurried to back my car out of the way. Without making a fuss, and i felt slightly guilty. Despite knowing that I was gonna get pwned by my lecturer for being late.

And then, what pissed me off was that the first bitch sempat lagi nak cakap one more time, "Awak memang tak boleh parking sini. Pelekat Merah sahaja, ok."

I was seriously fired up by that. U told me that once. I get the clue. But that particular parking area is filled with students' motocycles and cars. No one even cares about the damn "Pelekat Merah" rule, seriously. The students have been parking their vehicles there for as long as I can remember, and no Guards or lecturers have ever made a damn fuss about it. Why? Because UiTM is fukin cheap in terms of parking spots. They get that. You two bitches just want to justify the fact that you want to hog that area for urselves.

Look, if UiTM is damn full of empty spaces for me to chuck my car, then fine. Yell at me for blocking your oversized piece of shit. But this university is packed to the brim with cars. And with the current renovations goin on all over the place, there are EVEN LESS parking spaces. I apologized like wut, 3, 4 times, tapi itu dua ekor pompuan bagi jer "muka sial" from the moment they saw my car and till i was out of their sight.

If you were to tell me properly, with a HUMANE face, I wudn't make a big deal out of it. If you didn't condescend me, i wudn't even think twice about it. BUT, you talked to me as if I was trash, as if I did not deserve any form of respect. I loath these kind of beings. I wud much rather run you bitches over with my car then let you get away with treating a student like that, not just me. Unfortunately, i was late for class. So, I didn't have time to commit any homocides today. Mebbe tomorrow.

Then again, those two reprobates aren't worth tainting my car with. The thought of having their godforsaken blood all over the car I drive everyday is just too disgusting. Even Satan wud be nauseated by the sight of such filthy blots of erythrocytes.

Dah, I'm done. Those bitches shud die. We all agree. Back to life.