Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kouda Entry_68: Wall-e

Yea, yea, we all know that Kyo is uber slow when it comes to movies. But hey, I’m glad I watched this one at all.


Aite, aside from the obviously amazing graphics, remarkable animation, and creative robot designs, this particular movie surprised me with its storyline. Well, the idea was good, anyways. The comedy in this motion picture was cute n all, and sum are just plain brilliant.

Wut got to me was that the story was about a robot (duh), that gained a personality, after 700 years of performing its duty on a dead planet. And at the end of the movie, you kinda realize how having a personality of your own can be such a big deal. I’m not gonna say wut happened. But I will say this, the ending got me choking back sum tears. Aww, ain’t that just plain corny. Lol. Now we know that there is sumthin beating in this hollow tin chest of mine.

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then go jump of a fuggin cliff, then go watch it. Who cares if you’ve got a few ruptured ribs.