Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kouda Entry_59: Disgust

I hate people. I utterly despise it when they do things behind my back. I am disgusted by the things they do without my consent.

Only my friends may call me Kyo.

Only Azi may use and associate my nickname (i.e. Kyo and Azi / AziKyo / etc.)

NEVER use my name (real or nick) as if you know me.

NEVER use my photos without my consent.

Being a friend and being obedient are two, very separate things. I REFUSE to be obedient to random people.

NEVER label me.

NEVER, EVER insult my friends. ESPECIALLY Azi. I have known her for more than 3 years. I choose her over ANYONE else. Because she is my one and only close friend. Understand that.
(Btw, Shakir comes after Azi. Zana n Rai come 3rd. Followed by my classmates. I could care less about everyone else).

I am disgusted by the thoughts some people have about me. The sheer lack of morals in them that enables them to even allow a single, despicable idea on what he or she wishes to do with me. Its misguided. Its sickening. Its mental.