Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kouda Entry_102: Cyber Trash

You know what I hate? Idiots who waste internet space.

How's that possible you ask?

The internet is limitless and theres no way that one (or more) imbeciles can use it up, you say?

Well, think again. I for one, have discovered a few examples of dumbasses that take up the space in the cyber world that could be put to better use by someone else. Namely me.

Okay, here's the context, just because I'm at least courteous enough to let my readers know what exactly I'm bitchin about;

We all know that my 2 favorite nicks are "Kyoru" and "Kouda", right? So, how come my blogspot has the url "Koudamainframe.blogspot" instead of "kouda.blogspot" or "Kyoru.blogspot"? I'll tell you why. Because 2 "bloggers" already took those 2 names.

Ok, ok, I'm not one to bitch without a proper reason. And I don't mind it if you're gonna be using those 2 nicks. I don't own them. Seriously. BUT, at least MAKE USE of the fuckin blogspots you made, you bitches! Take a look , and you'll see why I'm so pissed:
- wtf only TWO fuckin entries!? And since December 2005!? The hell!? It's called UPDATING, look it up.
- Also only TWO muthafuckin posts!? And they're not even sentences!! Damned muthaff....Last post was 2001. Melampau nak mampus.

Those idiots should at least DELETE their effin blogspots if they're not gonna fuckin use em! I could put those two URLs to better use! At least I UPDATE my blog from time to time, okeh!

Alright, mebbe I left my account in the net without using it for a few months also. But I at least had the audacity to come to my senses and actually BLOG. So, I paid my dues. I'm clean. But those two bastards are a whole new level of ignorant.

Ok, done with the braindead asses in blogspot. Now let's move on to Deviantart, shall we?

I had to resort to using Instead of "kyoru.deviantart".

Same issue, the nick "Kyoru" and "Kouda" were already taken. And I thought; "Hey, what kinda amazing artist is using my nick?". Woe is me, they're not even artists. Just a couple of repugnant leachers that barely even logged in, let alone publish their work (IF they can make art lah, which i SERIOUSLY doubt).

Take a look, and loathe with me, people;
- A damned emo 14-year old kid is using that nick. And what the hell did he do with it? Post ONE JOURNAL, and then leave without a trace. And it's about his parents' divorce. Ok, sad, whatever. But, if you're gonna ask for sympathy, do it in the proper place la wei. Deviantart is for ART! Not for a bunch of emo brats to gather and sulk. SINCE 2002!? Wuttahell!?
- Another retard, seriously. Last login was on september 2006. Here's her excuse for not updating her account;
"just a heads up for people...
i don't plan on updating any art until i get a tablet. >>
so... if you care... sit tight and wait for my big breakthrough!"

It takes you a godforsaken 2 years to look for an effin tablet? The hell? I've been pining for a tablet since I was 12, but you don't see me givin people lousy excuses. Not like anyone cares lah. Apparently, your breakthroughs take longer than a constipated old geezer waiting to experience bowel movement.

And why the hell are all them bitches female? (Ok la, if they're males, they wouldn't technically be "bitches", but you know what I mean). My nick is unisex la kot. Whatever. I accept that. But I thought girls are better at keeping track of what nonsense they do? Azi for example, is a well composed lady, who as far as I know, DOES NOT waste cyber space. You retarded femms should learn from her.

I'm not being sexist. I'm being dumbass-ist. Either update your fuckin blogs/accounts, or delete them.

I'm sorry for the harsh words, but they ring true.