Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kouda Entry_108: PSP in a Pinch

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As it goes, the psp is having a bit of a problem in sales. Apparently, not that many people are buying psp games.

Itu la kau Sony, jual barang bapak mahal. And the UMD idea for the psp was a HUGE mistake. Bulky, EXPENSIVE, and noisy (so i've heard).

Seriously la weh, one UMD costs as much as one Blue-Ray. Apa cer? Sony's attempts at preventing piracy is biting them in their enterprising asses.

Also, both Wii and DS are striving in the market industry. Why? They're equally fun, right? Well, duh, they're a heck of a lot CHEAPER than the PS3 and PSP.

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Sleek, white, and a good excuse to swing your arms around

The Wii, Sony's nightmare, and the PS3's punch in the gut. It's selling point? The games are CHEAP, the console is cheapER than the PS3, and it's a revolutionary gaming console where hand movements play a crucial role.

Downside? The graphics aren't nearly as legendary as the PS3, and it doesn't offer the extensive online capabilities that the PS3 offers. Oh, and it doesn't play DVDs and shit.

But hey, we buy a gaming console to play games, not to watch movies, right?

I'm just bitchin cuz I own a ps3, but can't afford to get new games as often as I would like. Deng.

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Not the hottest design, I agree

Okay, the design for the the DS is not really to my liking. But hey, it packs hours and hours of addictive gameplay. Who am I to bitch about that? Lol.

Well, in this case, I'm still kinda glad that I opted for the PSP than the DS. Since my all time fave game; "Monster Hunter" (along with a few other choice games) isn't available on the DS.

Okay, okay, I am begging Sony to PLEASE come up with a new mobile console. DS is pwning your ass. I'd hate to see the PSP franchise go down the drain.