Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kouda Entry_101: Hallelujah

or Alhamdullillah, if you're so pious that you think I shouldn't utter a word that is even a syllable apart from your obviously limited vocabulary.

O mai, testy. Lol.

Dear sweet mother of Lucifer's unholy child, the most horrible thing happened to me for nearly a week; My internet died!!! Seriously, never deprive a guy who's life revolves around the cyber world from internet. I'd weep, but I was to engrossed with my PS2 and PS3. Ahahaha. I know, I hate you too. XD.

Thanks to the internet dying on me, I managed to FINALLY finish my FFXII, which I've put on hold for about a year. A bit dissapointed though, since now I have no quality PS2 game to waste my brain activity on. Haih...

So, yea, since my net was down, I was forced to do the unthinkable; Go outside.O_o!!!!!!

Oh le horrorz!!

Good news is, I actually went and had a look at the "Big Apples" we got at the new Tesco. Yes, people, Kelantan has Big Apples. I thought my occipital lobe was bein a bitch, but nope, it's the real deal.
It just so happens that a friend of mine from KL dropped by in KB for a bit. And he insisted we went to the doughnut shop.

The Jawi Gives It That Extra Oriental Taste. Lol.

It's messed up when the government landed us with Big A's, but fail to provide a godforsaken cinema, or a Starbucks. Wuttafak? Ok, ok, since i have no friends here in Kelantan, it's not like I'll be goin to a cinema anytime soon. And when i say friends, I mean people that i don't have to be all fake with. Haha.

But hey, without a cinema, how the hell are all these kids gonna get rid of their pent up hormones and raging horniness? Kesian itu budak2. XD.

So, long story short, we bought a bunch of them donuts and I gotta say, they tasted a bit too extreme for me. Haha. There's just this distinct taste that kinda makes me feel like I'm chuggin down a bucketload of fat. XD.

Don't get me wrong, it was relatively good. But, it just makes me feel like I was downing a can of condensed milk. And coming from a Kelantanese, that's something. Kakaka.

Mebbe my tounge is aging, and my sense of taste isn't as hip and exciting as it used to be. Pfft. I'm 21 okay, not 121. I can still eat a bowl of sugar and not end up with a critical case of diabetes. All my teeth would fall out, but my kidneys would still be at full capacity. Lol.

Oh, the staff at KB's Tesco are very skilled, I must add. Upon entering the mall, I saw this ridiculously long chain of Trolleys extending outside the entrance.

Staff yang takder kejer

It looks longer in person, I swear. Haha, now THAT's the statement of the year. Lol. But, seriously, the chain extends even farther to the left, beyond the reach of the camera's view.

So, either they were tersangat rajin to push ALL the trolleys in the world all at once, or they were record-breakingly lazy to lug them in one batch at a time. You decide. I pick lazy, naturally. XD.

It's not convenient for the customers la wei. I mean, I saw a guy having to jump over the damn trolleys to get to the other side. I'd do the same thing, but I was wearing a pair of shoes that had zero grip. Needless to say, I'd fall face first with a spectacular display of blood and gore if I tried.

But I didnt. So there. =3