Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kouda Entry_80: WATAFAAAAKK

Not mine, but might as well be

My hardisk crashed lagi.

Life sucks.

Dad x bagi beli laptop baru.

I emo.

I was pregnant...with fury. Duh.

And shakir was scared of my silent anger.

And azi thought my being pissed was hot n matured n sexy n...strong?

And I thought that was just wrong.

I smacked azi.

In the face.

Now i have no frens.


No lah, i didnt smack anyone. But i might as well. Damnit, this is my 2nd hardisk that crashed. That's more than a sign that this its time to chuck this effin laptop into a canyon or sumthin.

Dah la while i was drafting this very entry, the screen suddenly turned black for no apparent reason. Bankai. Merajuk ntah naper benda nih. Wut did I do~!? Is minding my own business such a grave sin that i do not deserve a peaceful life? Tengok, dah mengungkit lain punya topik. Bodo.

Haih..."life sucks". Tis a chant we all shud be adapted to.