Monday, October 13, 2008

Kouda Entry_81: Kyo Splurges

Aite, so a lot of people have been bitchin bout how my shoes are hideous. Meh. But, I seem to have an excess of cash on me. So, decided to humor them, and buy myself a brand spankin new pair of shoes.

So, we went to PAS, but there werent any footwear that caught my interest. So, membazir masa di situ.

Then, we went to PKNS, lookin for sum cheap-ass shoes, just to satisfy my need to look around. We spotted an interesting pair. But, i decided to press on, and keep on lookin before makin a final decision.

Later, we set foot into SACC, a place of relatively good quality shit to waste your money on. And Kyo landed him 2, I repeat, 2 pairs of shoes. One formal, and another casual.

Kyo and Azi's Footwear

When there's a mirror in your presence, do be sure to let the vain side of ur personality take over. You'll be grateful later. Hoho.

Imagine Wut the Upper-half is doing. Ekekekeke~

I gotta admit, them shoes don't look so bad. And comfortable too. As opposed to Azi's killer tormenting heels of death. Thank god I was born with balls, n not boobs. Mati la if I have to wear heels. Lol. Kyo is a feminist bastard. Kakakaka~!!!

Oh, havent taken any pics of the formal wear yet. Malas. Xyah la menunjuk2 nih, riak. Tau tak riak? It means "to have people hate u simply because u look hot". Tu pun x tau? Haha.