Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kouda Entry_85: Transcend

Aite, so we all know how my laptop keeps pulling an over-the-top dramatic suicidal act. And apparently, I’m sick and tired of losing my progress and having to start over. So, I went to PAS and looked for sum external Hardisks to help me with my little predicament.

Okay, off topic; I’ve been to PAS a number of times with the crew (Shakir, Zana, Rai and Azi). Sometimes I wonder wut the shopkeepers at the place think about us. Slalu je datang sana, tp bukan beli apa2 pun. Haha. We were always goin about the computer n phone shops, surveying stuff we thought we needed. But 9 out of 10 times, we never really bought nethin. I’m sure the pakcik2 and abang2 at the stores are sick n tired of our faces alrdy. Ekekeke.

Orgasm at Will

So, anyway, we walked up n down PAS, and saw a few interesting options for me to pick. I got my eyes set on these “Toughdrives”. Uber sleek, amazingly awesum lookin. And of course, the price can burn a hole in your wallet. Dad wudnt approve of the smouldering patch I’d be putting in his bank account. Thus, the search continues.

Aite, basically, I wasted an hour or two lookin for a good Hardisk that wud be slave to my huge piles of por…I mean data. XD. And at the end of the search, there it was…the one gizmo that grabbed my attention like a fat kid to a cake house; Transcend, 2.5” Portable Hard Drive.

Oh droolz~

I salivated. It was so effin hawt. Although it was only 160Gb, but hey, 160 is good enough for me to jam in a bunch of shit in it. And besides, if the size is too big, say 320Gb, it’d take days, weeks to scan through for viruses. And gosh-darn it, Kyo has absolutely ZERO patience to be waiting days on end for a simple virus scan. Har har.

So, yea, I reported to dad. Why? So that he’d wire me sum money. Duh~! I know, I know, I’m suckin my dad dry. But Kyo has his needs, and money is an awsum method to make up for the lack of attention. Ohohoho, drama much. I ain’t goin into that this time around.

Okay, okay, I called dad, and then he sed that he’s coming to KL for sum sort of business. So, he sed he’ll check the Hardisk prices at Lowyat first before making a decision bout my getting a hardisk. And I was like “(O_O) Oh nooooeeess!!! Dad is so gonna get me chikai hardisk with zero shock-resistance.

I had lost all hope. Haih…

The next day, I called dad, and I was ready to get all disappointed n shit. He sed he’s at Shah Alam, eating at sum restaurant near UiTM. I was workin on a project paper with the crew (we were doing work in the parking bertingkat. Bengong.), so they tagged along with me to meet my dad. I think they kud tell how little expectation I had in me about the hardisk. Haha. But hey, when I met my dad, we didn’t talk much, cuz I was in a hurry to finish the godforsaken project paper. Mom was there too. Biasa lah; salam, tanya khabar, yada3. I didn’t take a look at the HD just yet.

Once I got back in the car with the crew, I took a peek at the plastic bag bearing my new HD. O MAI GAAAAWWWWDDDD (so gay) !!!!!!! Dad got me the godly Transcend!!!!! Scream! Happiness! Erratic behavior!!! Lol. We all love my dad.

2.5” Portable Hard Drive
Durable Shock-Resistant Design
U.S. Military Drop Test Standards
OneTouch auto-backup button
StoreJet Elite data-management tools (which at the moment, I find to be extremely annoying…I swear)

It needs the “StoreJet Elite” software thingy in order to transfer files into the HD. So, you can’t just simply copy-paste files in and out the system. Haih…annoying. But hey, sets me apart from the rest of the kidz in UiTM. Ekekeke~.

Regardless of the downside, I orgasmed so hard when I realized how fortunate I was. Its gross, but its my blog, so shut up and keep reading. Lol.