Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kouda Entry_87: ETR Presentation

So so so~, me n the crew had to present our Entrepreneurship project paper the other day. I hate that damn subject. So effin berterabur. So fukin unorganized. It is (one of) the main contributor(s) to my unfruitful frustration throughout this semester. And just when I thought I was done with it, the lecturer(s) decided to throw my group one final curve ball right in the nuts. Haih... MY PROJECT PAPER WAS FUHKIN REJECTED! WATAFAAAKKK!?!?!??!

After all those allnighters. After all that work. After spending all that money to print, bind, and driving around to print and bind that damn project paper. The verdict was; BUAT BALIK. O_O!?!?!?!?


I am bein such a typical teenager here. Ohohoho. But still, I need to mangle sumone. Anyone. I promise it'll be slow n painful.

N look how happy we were BEFORE the presentation;


See, look at them optimistic faces~. Oh, how naive we were. Uh, I was seriously worried that Azi was gonna strangle me. She's cute n all, but the girl is clueless when it comes to handling neckties.

And here's me adding sum finishin touches to the presentation (Right before the damn laptop pulled a suicide act that gave me a godforsaken heart attack the size of mount. kinabalu).


I...uh...had no idea why i was squatting down...really...The lack of tables didnt really help. Deng.

Take note, exactly five seconds after i squatted down, my laptop revealed that some of the powerpoint slides just MIRACULOUSLY disappeared. No, seriously. Hence, the heart attack. I had to rush all the way back to the flat just to go grab my baby Transcend (yes, I'm a nerd) and recover the backup.

Effort wasted, end of discussion.

I want pie.