Monday, October 13, 2008

Kouda Entry_82: Timber

It was raining like hell about 2 days ago. Thunder and lightning were prowlin out n about in the skies. Gilababs. I swear, if I walked around in that awsum gust, I'd be blown half way to india. And I'm not talkin bout the good kind of "blown" either. Lol.

Oh, and after the "ribut yang gilababi lebat nak mampus" subsided, me n Azi discovered that there has been a death nearby.

Rest In Peace, Mister Tree.

Wut? U were expecting a decrement in the human population? U wish. U n i both. Lol. No lah, no one died. Just this unfortunate member of the Mother Nature society; Mister Pokok Tepi Jalan. Poor thing, we hardly knew him.

Pak Gad to the Rescue

Believe it or not, this sort of shit happens regularly in uitm. Trees keeling over and dying. Oh, the horror. But I think the kids in the Pertukangan Department wud be ecstatic to see new raw material for them to gut alive. Lol.

Jatuh ditimpa tangga

Kesian Mr. Tree, dah la jatuh, kena decapitate oleh the UiTM officials pulak. Isk isk. He's probably a proud part of the university's furniture now. Mama Nature wud be proud.