Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kouda Entry_78: Raya-ness

So, yeah, its been a week since raya passed, and i still havent updated my blog. Pemalas. Lol. Ok, ok, even though no one really cares, I thought I'd talk about the raya mornin neways. Just to puaskan my erratic self.

So, here are a few pics of the raya mornin~:
Riz Yang Makin Sihat. Lol

And that wud be dad sittin in the couch back there. If u can see lah. He does a great job at blendin in this time around. Haha.

Ee in Green

His name is Izman Fariz, and I have no idea why mom n dad decided to call him "E". Nama panjang2, in the end his nickname is a single letter. Mudah bangat. Lol.

Number 7: Mat

My younger brother, and the youngest in the family. The bastard's taller than me, dang it. There is no justice in the world. >_>

Tripod fest

That wud be Zed (in dark red) and Zee (in dark brown) settin up the cameras for a family picture. And no, we havent had a family picture in about 14 years. Well, we thought it'd probably be a good idea, just in case we forget just how many of us there are. Keke.

The (only) women of the family

Yup, only two gals in the gang. And if you can't tell which is mom and which is sis, then u shud go and get urself run over by a van. I dunno, sajer.

O_o there is NO JUSTICE!!!

See~, i told you he was taller than me. Ok, ok, "tall" is an understatement. He's an effin skyscraper. Dah, happy? Haha. Xper, xper, I was born to be small, cute and adorable. I shud just reside to my fate. Ekekeke~.

Graph of Time Versus Height

As seen in graph above, it can be concluded that Kyo is fated to be a midget for his entire life. Oh, the one on the far right is Zed, the eldest brother in the family, and he holds the title of "skyscraper" at the moment. Mat is first runner up. Lol.

Raya 2008 Family Picture

Izman (5th), Izzuddin (2nd), Izham (4th), Izmil (7th), Izran (2nd)
Izwan (6th), Ismail (Dad), Zaliha (Mom), Izati (1st)

Yea, Kyo strategically sat in front to avoid his height deprivation from stealing the attention. See, I do care about other people. If I looked pendek, nanti sumer ingat i look cute. Susah la pulak. Lol. Um, not the best pic of sis, she's gonna kill me if she sees this. Wakakaka~!