Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kouda Entry_279: Final Assignment

After a looooooooooooooong(seriously)oooong hiatus, I have finally returned!! And later I’ll probably be gone for another year again. Lol.

Anyhoots, since today is a somewhat-maybe-sort of-a little bit-special kinda day, I figured I’d break what’s left of my back and make something a tiny bit fancier than I’m used to.

It’s an animation(-ish) y’all!! Checkit.

Kouda Entry_279: Final Assignment

I’ve had this project in mind since late last year. Never got around to finishing it, since I’ve been either preoccupied with my research, or just generally being a lazy-arse turd. Your pick.

Oh, I’ve upgraded to PhD-student status recently. So, my workload upgraded along with it. Tis the life.

But I hope that quick animation makes up for my prolonged absence (maybe?). I probably won’t be touching any video editing software for the next century or so after this. Lol. Penat okeh. Spent the entire 4-day (Chinese New Year) holiday finishing this thing. But it was worth it!(?) Puas hati kot finally siap ini project. Hoho!

Aite, laters.