Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kouda Entry_151: Spastic

My Internet's been down for 3 days now!!! Or was it 2 days...? Meh, felt like a week to me.

I can't stick to any one task!!!

I keep changing my mind 5 seconds after I started doing something.

It sucks, really.


O shit, that centipede is starting to become a regular on this blog.


That's it. I got so bored that all I could do was draw those 4 panels. So sue me. Lol.


Bah, an uber long post is coming up. Now if only I had more readers to show it to.


OMG my 2nd Dan Grading is tomorrow!!!! I am having these intervals where I actually feel nervous!!! It sucks!!! T_T


THE sudden END

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