Friday, April 17, 2009

Kouda Entry 145: To Shah Alam (II)

Streamyx fuckin sucks. My internet's been down for a whole day now. And for a guy who practically breathes the internet, that bites.

It's Friday! Naruto and Bleach Mangas are both out and I can't read em!

Ah well, now I can blog without (much) distractions.




For a little bit of context, here's a quick recap;

Kouda Entry_140: Slip SPM


Yup, the guys and I went to Putrajaya to go grab that elusive SPM slip of mine. And it was...enlightening.


Parking 2

Apparently UiTM isn't the only place suffering from a chronic shortage of parking spots.

It kinda looks like one of those places where they sell used cars. Big, bulky, shiny (and probably expensive) cars.

Whatever happened to the Kancil? Seriously, if everyone drove a Kancil, we'd get double the parking space.

But noooooooo. Instead, they fuggin STOP the production of those things altogether, and start making MyVIs and ViVAs. Wtfux?

Not to mention Kancil doesn't use up that much gas.

I swear, the government is so fuckin superficial, it pisses me off.

Parking 3

A Pos Laju truck? And yet my slip never even made it out of their godforsaken office. Fuckin asses.


Slip 01

There were no lines.

There were barely any people (visitors).

The place seemed downright deserted.


What I'm trying to say is that the people there looked like they don't have anyone to entertain. Meaning that they're NOT ALL THAT BUSY.

Remind me again why it took so long to get my slip sent out?

. . .

O yea, typical drones that don't take their jobs seriously. Pfft.


Be reminded that I called these people 1 hour before I arrived. This was to avoid having to WAIT unnecessarily for my ALREADY delayed slip.

But after I arrived, they still made me WAIT. Okay, maybe for like 15 minutes. But still.

Apa, baru nak print out ke benda tu? >_>

It's a good thing I had Shakir with me. X jadi plak nak maki hamun those drones. Wtvr, I didn't want any needless drama.



Ah well, after we got that done, we went searching for shit for me to blog about.

Slip 02

Ohoho agak candid. Sucks.


Sexy back series. Ahahaha:

Pjaya 1



Ahaha...forgot I was wearing a shirt with the words "New York" plastered at the back. Fail.

Oh, here's Shakir:


And here's a bunch of Korean tourists.


Stalking people is fun! XD. For about 5 minutes. Pfft.

Not that many entertaining happenings occurred. So I guess that's it for Part 2.

Part2 end

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