Monday, April 13, 2009

Kouda Entry_143: Cyber Trash II

Hey! Let's play a game!

Before you play, it'd probably be a good idea to read this post of mine, just to give you a little bit of context:

Kouda Entry_102: Cyber Trash

Caution, that post has ZERO pics. Lol.


Aite, now we can get started on that game!!

1> On your web browser, type Http://???

2> Okay, now go grab a dictionary (English) or a Thesaurus.

3> Flip the dictionary / thesaurus open, and pick ANY random word.

4> Replace the "???" with the word you picked.

5> Press enter!!

And viola!! You've probably just found a blog that has NOT BEEN FUCKIN UPDATED IN AGES!! Congratulations!!

Here are a few choice words you might want to try:

- inane
- retard
- fail
- dufus
- dumbass (seriously)
- bastard
- calamity
- emo
- death
- rant
- dictionary (wtf?)
- thesaurus


The following consists mainly of expletives and mindless angst. XD


Doesn't it just make your blood boil to see SO MANY FUGGIN blogs go UNUPDATED for so long!?

Forget updates, some (if not most) of them barely have more than 1 post. ONE FUCKIN POST?!?! WHAT THE HELL!??!?!?!

This makes me, a genuine blogger (and by genuine, I mean I actually fuckin update my blog), really, REALLY pissed.

All the "easy to remember and promote" words are either taken or have been so brutally rendered unoriginal (or have no significance to my blog). And by a bunch of idiots who've got nothing better to do with their time than waste cyber space.


Oh, at first I wanted to rename my blog as "Feil". Since the signature I use on my artworks kinda look like it.  <---CLICK!!! CLICK THIS MUTHAFUGGIN LINK!!


"This is a test, only a test, test"

That's it!? What in the name of Armageddon is up with that idiot!? The only excuse I'll accept for that is either you DIED before coming to your non-existent senses, or you got raped and are now in a coma.

Yes, RAPED. Fuk it, he'd probably enjoy it.

At least it's something to blog about. "Hey, I got raped! Twothumbsup!"



Fuck damn it, if your life is so effin UNINTERESTING, and you have NOTHING to blog about, then DON'T make a damn blog!!! BUY A DIARY!!



Hey, I'm all for people who want to blog. Seriously, if you want to start a blog, go ahead.



I don't care if you update ONCE A YEAR. As long as there SOME SORT OF FUCKIN ACTIVITY!

If you've got nothing to blog about even after a whole year of expelling Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, the consider yourself BORING and DELETE!


You realize how pissed I am when I refuse to resort to expletives other than the oh so traditional "FUCK".


Ah well, can't go wrong with the classics, eh.


Oh, and to my friends who own blogs of their own; Sorry la kalau terkena tempias. Lol. But so far, you guys at least ada update la jugak your blogs kan. Lol.


I originally planned on drawing some chibis for this post. But my laptop is hanging so fuggin much, I just want to format it as soon as possible.

And since I'm using Windows Live Writer to make my blogdrafts, I'm afraid the drafts might get deleted during the format.

So there.

And screw proofreading XD (for now)



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