Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kouda Entry_144: To Shah Alam (I)

part 1

I know I should blog about that trip to Shah Alam recently.

But I have zilch inspiration XD.

Shut up, I've been busy with my everyday crap.

01 - Busy

. . .


Okay, so maybe I was just being lazy and procrastinated. Wtvr.


So, yeah, went to Shah Alam last Tuesday with Azri, Acab and Kamal. Cuz god forbid I drive all the way to Shah Alam alone.

 02 - Direction

You try driving a full 400km with that retarded sense of direction.


Oh, and to boot, I locked myself out of my car before we even managed to make our move. What is it with me and getting locked out of places? >_>.


That last one hasn't happened yet. But it's kinda obvious what I'd do if it did. Lol.


About the car, it's a good thing Azri knows how to unlock the car door using a metal hanger. Honestly, I was impressed.


Learn new things everyday.

Good thing Azri there is skilled at busting into cars. God knows what I would've done without his Grand Theft Auto skillz. XD.


Oh, and I noticed something very stupid along our journey to Shah Alam:


Seriously. You don't need to have a licence to figure out you're not supposed to leave your car there. Selfish turd.


Seeing as how I was driving all the way to Shah Alam, and we didn't make that many stops, I couldn't take that many pics.

Well yea, there's the occasional stopping for a drink. But that didn't strike to me as "interesting". Lol.


Although there is this one incident where I almost ran over a friggin monkey. But thanks to my mad driving skillz and experience playing "Burnout: Domination" (lol), I dodged that fucker no problem.

But Kamal wasn't wearing his seatbelt. So he got tossed around in the car like a piece of fruit in a blender. It was hilarious. XDDDDD.

At least now he knows enough to put his seatbelt on when Kyo's behind the wheel.


OMG I just noticed that I never posted a pic of Kamal here.


Excuse the blurriness. Took that pic with my N76 instead of my digicam. But hey, at least now you know what the guy looks like XD.


We got to Shah Alam at like 3am. The good news was that there were no traffic jams anywhere along the way. THANK GAWD!

Bad news was that as of 12 midnight, I was already 60% asleep. Not sure if Kamal noticed this (he was in the car with me).


I think I almost dozed off like 10, 20 times AT LEAST. And I swear the car was flying. O_O.

It was raining like hell too. It's like the sky had chronic diarrhea or something.



Ah well, we got there safe. And we were fortunate enough to have Shakir provide us with an empty dorm room to stay in. Wootz!




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