Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kouda Entry_181: Makum 2009

O wow, it's been almost a month since I last posted something. A lot of things happened, really, but the mood to blog about em never really sank in.


i.e. Kyo was being uber lazy. Akaka.


So, a few weeks back, I joined this competition (Festival Tari 2009) under UiTM's group, "Prisma Seni". (Trust me, I never expected myself to join a group like that, but hey, shit happens. Lol.)

Seriously though, they're a fun bunch to hang out with. I'm more than glad I joined.


Anyways, the competition was held in UKM, which means all of us had to stay there for a few days.

181 - 01

And when we got there, we had loads of fun ^_^.

02   03


Sorry Azi, Kyo didn't get any. Wakaka tetiba azi masuk citer.


But of course, we all know that Murphy's Law is always going about and screw with me, kan?


I was sleeping soundly that night...when suddenly...

181 - 07

08   09


181 - 10

Food Poi = Food poisoning.


Bankai, I had a nauseous gut for a whole day. It was NOT pleasant, okeh. It was both tiring and embarassing.

Kesian those guys for having to put up with my sickly self. Sorry guys! :<




omg story yang tergantung. haha.