Monday, May 19, 2008

Kouda Entry_18: Double Repetition


...and so the day comes...

...the day when i have to repeat two, count em, TWO chemistry papers.

Imagine people, crammin TWO chemistry subjects into my oh so fragile little bundle of lobes in a single month. *Shudders*. I think this could pass as one of the most brilliant modes of punishment ever invented. I'd say it'd be right up there, next to "detention" and "lashing". What makes it so devillish? Its the fact that it deals damage to both you both physically and mentally. I'd say its 90% mental.

Consider a situation:

Man: Dude, I hear you're gettin punished?

Kyo: Wut? 100 lashes? Lifetime in prison? Hah! I laugh at such trivial shit.

Man: Two chemistry papers in one month

Kyo: *insert blood-curdling-girly-pathetic-maximumvolume-scream here*

Man: That's okay man...let it out *shakes head in sympathy*