Monday, May 5, 2008

Kouda Entry_19: Manusia Besi!

Ah, ironman. Like omgwtf!? It was like, fukin awsum!! There is no expletive in the world that could describe the sheer hawtness of this movie! I swear, if you watch this movie, you'd just wanna buy the dvd and fukin make luv to it! XD!!!!! The animation was scorchin y'all! And the mechanics of the iron suit was just..unearthly. Oh, the acting was muthafuhkin great! Robert Downy was damn sarcastic n shit. Seriously, genius-fast talkin-sarcastic-scientist?? Its like god embodied all things i wanna be into one man. XD.

Kyo is being such a schoolgirl rite now. I mean, i was an emo-bitch like, 10 seconds ago. Mood swing much. I need a jumbo sized coke...

But c'mon! Who the hell wouldn't get excited over THIS wundruss work of art!? *DROOOLLLZZZ!!!!!*

Jaws hangin open? I have that too. XD wakakakaka!!!

Serously, if you haven't watched this movie yet, go hammer your head in with a shovel, and then go to your nearest cinema. Who cares if you're bleeding to death at the time.